Dinh Q. Lê

Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, pavillon Pierre Lassonde   The Colony is a video installation transporting the viewer to the Chincha Islands on the Peruvian coast, an emblematic place of international geopolitical tensions generated by the exploitation of rare natural resources.   Dinh Q. Lê, The Colony © Idra Labrie   Dinh Q. Lê (Vietnam, […]

Felipe Castelblanco

La Bande Vidéo   During a Manif d’art residency in collaboration with La Bande Vidéo, Felipe Castelblanco added Quebec City to the transnational destinations of his Driftless journey aboard a precarious raft.   Felipe Castelblanco, Driftless, 2012-2018 © Charles-Frederick Ouellet   Felipe Castelblanco (Bogotá, Colombia) Felipe Castelblanco, an interdisciplinary artist born in Bogotá, Colombia in […]

Hannah Claus

Musée huron-wendat   Hannah Claus invests the Yadia’wish (Turtle) gallery with three video works highlighting the interconnections between the Earth and its plants; water and its reflections; the Sky and its stars.   Oeuvres d’Hannah Claus © Charles-Frederick Ouellet   Hannah Claus (Montréal, Québec) Hannah Claus is a visual artist of English / Irish and Kanien’kehá:ka […]

Nadia Myre

Le Lieu   Nadia Myre juxtaposes her personal experience with that of others to inspire introspection, revisit colonial history, and foster intercultural dialogue.   Nadia Myre, Living with Contradiction, 2016 © Charles-Frederick Ouellet   Nadia Myre (Montreal, Quebec) Born in 1974, Montreal artist Nadia Myre received a bachelor’s degree from the Emily Carr Institute of Art […]


Regart   Shimabuku’s video Swan goes to the sea recounts the whimsical journey of swan pedal boats returning to the sea, accompanied by a moving original soundtrack.   Shimabuku, Swan goes to the Sea, 2012-2019 © Charles-Frederick Ouellet   Shimabuku (Japan) Shimabuku, born in 1969 in Kobe, Japan, holds a degree from the Osaka College […]

Kelly Mark

Manif d’art Window / Gallery   In her Hello & Goodbye video, Kelly Mark adresses the symbolic universality of body language and expression which unites humanity beyond cultural and geographical backgrounds.   Kelly Mark, Hello & Goodbye, 2018 © Renaud Philippe   Kelly Mark (Welland, Ontario) Born in Welland, Nova Scotia, in 1967, Kelly Mark, holds […]