Simons – Vieux-Québec

Paryse Martin; Jacques Samson; Marie-Ève Fréchette; Julien Lebargy

20, côte de la Fabrique
Quebec City
418 692-3630


Simons – Place Sainte-Foy

Sarah Thibault; Cynthia Dinan-Mitchell; Acapulco; Collectif 5

2450, boulevard Laurier
Quebec City
418 634-1840


Simons – Galeries de la Capitale

Olivier Roberge

5401, boulevard des Galeries
Quebec City
418 626-1840


February 2 to April 16
Opening – February 19


This group exhibition presents the works of nine artists in as many display windows of three Simons stores in Quebec City. Each in their own way, these creations approach the theme of Manif 8 – The Art of Joy – as one would formulate a wish: as an expression of a desire or dream.

The works of Cynthia Dinan-Mitchell and Collectif 5 are veritable odes to life, embodying what is most beautiful about it, but also what is most fragile. Paryse Martin and Julien Lebargy, inspired by the world of fairy tales and the innocence of childhood, have created installations that encourage us to give free rein to our imagination. In a similar vein, but adopting a more formal approach, the sculptures of Marie-Ève Fréchette and Jacques Samson prompt us to take a new look at the world in which we live. The Acapulco Collective and Sarah Thibault seem to be warning us about the dangers of artificial joys. Lastly, Olivier Roberge invites us to step back, literally and figuratively, in order to reflect on the connections – at once contradictory and complementary – between joy and melancholy.

Each of these nine showcases can be seen as open windows on some of our most intimate aspirations. They represent quests for beauty, happiness and well-being – at times somewhat naive, but nonetheless imbued with hope and sincerity.

Anne-Sophie Blanchet, Curator


© Acapulco, Aspiration (lourde), 2014