Intersidéral, 2017 Light Installation Through a process of cosmic image-sampling, starry skies are transformed into a captivating choreography of lights, the modulations of which constantly generate new constellations. The work thus establishes links between nature and technology, near and far, the everyday and the magical.   Manif d’art would like to thank the Conseil des […]

Ælab and Guillaume Arseneault

Irradier.Irradiate, 2016-2017 Projection with environmental data Irradier.Irradiate is generated from environmental data and electromagnetic frequencies. The installation reflects the increasing density of wireless communication signals in the urban environment.   A presentation of Manif d’art, in collaboration with Tutto Gelato and Galerie Ni Vu Ni Cornu. Manif d’art would like to thank the Conseil des […]

Lisa Birke

Calendar Girls, december 2014 Video A video of the artist posing alone and awkwardly dancing in diverse natural settings. A humorous exploration of the societal expectations of women as aesthetic symbols and performing spectacles, Calendar Girls plays on our obsession with self-documentation.     Vitrine / Galerie de Manif d’art 600, côte d’Abraham Quebec city […]

Dan Brault

Traits d’observation, 2016-2017 Ink-jet printing on banners Brault’s unique work questions the place of art within the urban fabric, as well as the boundaries between private and public. Vying with the advertising signs on the street, this monumental work offers a moment of escape, a time for reflection and contemplation.   A presentation of Manif […]

Jean Dubois

Tourmente, 2015 Interactive video This interactive installation allows passers-by to transform a series of portraits projected on a giant screen by blowing into a microphone on their cell phones. Playful and socially engaged, the work questions the various postures one adopts when faced with the distress of others.   Manif d’art is grateful for the […]

Patrick Dionne and Miki Gingras

Ravissement, 2016-2017 Photographic animation The duo here present photomontages of members of the public who are invited to express “a state of joy and rapture” through simple gestures. The project attempts to underscore the rich diversity of possible expressions of joy.   Manif d’art and the artists would like to thank the Conseil des arts et […]

Yeondoo Jung

La Chasse-Galerie, 2016 Photographic prints and texts Based on haphazard interviews with participants, Yeondoo Jung created contemporary versions of the legend of the Chasse-Galerie (“flying canoe”) during his summer 2016 residency. He is thus suggesting that the imagination has the power to upset our preconceived notions, enabling us to take a fresh look at our […]

Ange Leccia

La Mer, 2016 Video Ange Leccia revisits one of his most celebrated video works: La Mer. Playing on the sinuous and graphic aspects of waves, the artist transforms the landscape into an abstract and volatile composition evoking the elusive nature of existence, inviting us to see the world in a new way.   Manif d’art […]

Jean-Charles Massera

Speed Reinventing, 2016-2017 Posters For the Biennial, Jean-Charles Massera was invited to launch a poster campaign in the Old Capital. Critical and socially engaged, his project calls into question the flux of images and slogans that weave their way into the urban fabric, conditioning our daily lives.   Billboard campaign Billboards on Boulevard Charest and […]

Elodie Pong

Endless Ends, 2009 Video Although the video Endless Ends may at first seem tinged with nostalgia and melancholy, it may also be regarded as a mantra calling for renewal. The end—that of a film or an era, a voyage or love affair—is not necessarily absolute, but perhaps a stepping stone toward a new beginning.   […]

Jocelyn Robert

L’il y a, 2016-2017 Video projection The video L’il y a is a self-portrait by artist Jocelyn Robert, in which other faces from various digital image banks slowly accumulate. In the context of the countless representations inundating our real and virtual worlds, the work questions the ways in which identity is constructed and transformed.   […]

Société Réaliste

U.N. Camouflage, 2012 Flags With the installation U.N. Camouflage, the French duo Société Réaliste is imagining a world without political or cultural borders. Amalgamating the flags of the 193 U.N. Member States, the work creates new emblems for a multi-coloured world community, united in its diversity.   Manif d’art would like to thank MAC VAL, […]

Mathieu Valade

Mythe et évidence, 2016-2017 Sculpture This sculpture by Mathieu Valade takes the form of an immense box of frosted glass. A light emanates from the interior, delineating the silhouette of a mythical creature, discernable but unrecognizable. The work’s content is thus revealed only through the imagination of the viewer.   Project undertaken in collaboration with […]