Clément Cogitore

L’intervalle de résonance, 2016 Assange dancing, 2012 Élégies, 2014 Videos Clément Cogitore is here proposing three video works that may be seen as both independent and complementary, in which myth and poetry offset the shortcomings of reality. The artist thus sets up a dialogue between the real and the imaginary, allowing us to glimpse new […]

Mathieu Valade

Mathieu Valade Manifeste, 2015 Video installation Like a trailer for a science fiction film, this installation presents some of the great artistic events of the modern era, inviting viewers to play an active role, to be more critical and curious about the precepts governing our society.   The artist would like to thank Laurie-Anne Dufour […]


New Millennium Workout Routine, 2014 Video The video New Millennium Workout Routine is based on an exercise program devised by the South Korean government in 1999 “to ensure that the nation remains healthy for the next 1,000 years.” Presenting the artist’s multiplied, choreographed body performing the routine, the video promotes her belief in global well-being […]

Robyn Moody

Sanguine Through the Storm, 2017 Installation The form and content of the works of Robyn Moody are rarely determined at the beginning of the creative process, most often emerging mid-stream. Created especially for Manif d’art 8, the work presented at LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE draws its inspiration from the joys arising from discovery and experimentation.   Project […]

Library Exhibitions

Exhibitions presented within the three Bibliothèque de Québec networks Nous courions vite et les égratignures sur nos jambes étaient belles Guest curator – Jeanne Couture Inspired by the theme of Manif d’art 8, this group exhibition brings together the works of four Quebec artists, who explore such topics as extended childhood, the poetry of everyday […]

Lisa Birke

Calendar Girls, december 2014 Video A video of the artist posing alone and awkwardly dancing in diverse natural settings. A humorous exploration of the societal expectations of women as aesthetic symbols and performing spectacles, Calendar Girls plays on our obsession with self-documentation.     Vitrine / Galerie de Manif d’art 600, côte d’Abraham Quebec city […]

Ange Leccia

La Mer, 2016 Video Ange Leccia revisits one of his most celebrated video works: La Mer. Playing on the sinuous and graphic aspects of waves, the artist transforms the landscape into an abstract and volatile composition evoking the elusive nature of existence, inviting us to see the world in a new way.   Manif d’art […]

Elodie Pong

Endless Ends, 2009 Video Although the video Endless Ends may at first seem tinged with nostalgia and melancholy, it may also be regarded as a mantra calling for renewal. The end—that of a film or an era, a voyage or love affair—is not necessarily absolute, but perhaps a stepping stone toward a new beginning.   […]

Jocelyn Robert

L’il y a, 2016-2017 Video projection The video L’il y a is a self-portrait by artist Jocelyn Robert, in which other faces from various digital image banks slowly accumulate. In the context of the countless representations inundating our real and virtual worlds, the work questions the ways in which identity is constructed and transformed.   […]