Jean-Charles Massera

Speed Reinventing, 2016-2017


For the Biennial, Jean-Charles Massera was invited to launch a poster campaign in the Old Capital. Critical and socially engaged, his project calls into question the flux of images and slogans that weave their way into the urban fabric, conditioning our daily lives.


Billboard campaign

Billboards on Boulevard Charest and Boulevard Champlain at the intersection of Côte Gilmour


February 18 to March 19
On view all day



© Jean-Charles Massera, Speed Reinventing, 2016-2017. Photo: Renaud Philippe / KAHEM 2017


Jean-Charles Massera

(Paris, France)

Jean-Charles Massera is an artist who works with words, sound and images. His sound works have been broadcast both on the radio and at art events and group exhibitions, in particular in France, Poland, Spain and Germany. He has been invited to give performances at European art and theatrical shows. In addition to making many films, has also written several stories, songs and essays in the form of fiction.