Jean-Luc Verna

Paramour, 2012 Drawing By distorting the famous Paramount logo, French artist Jean-Luc Verna has devised his own emblem: Paramour. He is thus underscoring the vanity of this type of symbol, while at the same time creating his own legend.   Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, pavillon Pierre Lassonde 179, Grande Allée Ouest 418 643-2150 […]

Dan Brault

Des espaces possibles, 2016-2017 Painting The paintings of Dan Brault produce a visually rhythmic effect, the forms and colours appearing on the canvas like notes on a musical score. What results are melodies that are at times harmonious, at times dissonant, expressing above all the pleasures of free creation.   A presentation of Manif d’art […]